About Us

Our Goal

Daption was created to provide functional yet fashionable clothing that allows women with specific needs to continue to dress with style and comfort. At Daption, we believe that those living with Alzheimer's and dementia-related diseases have already had so much taken from them, but the core of who they are still remains. We hope to enable them to retain as much of their sense of self as possible.

Our Inspiration

Daption was created to address the challenges experienced by Stefan, our founder, and his family when they tried to find high-quality adaptive clothing for their mother, Clair.photo of Clair Hawes, Daption's inspiration for the challenges in buying her adaptive clothing when she had Alzheimer's

Clair was a respected psychologist who took great care with her appearance and the clothes she wore. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and, when she began to lose her mobility, the nurses suggested her family buy her some adaptive clothes. But they struggled to find her something appropriate. They wanted clothes Clair would have been happy to wear when she was healthy, but with adaptive features. Instead, they found poor quality, unattractive clothing, made with uncomfortable fabric. And that’s why we started Daption.

We believe that the essence of an individual with Alzheimer’s or dementia is still there, even as their memory fades. And we want them help them retain their dignity to the greatest extent possible. To do that, we believe that providing clothing that is comfortable, stylish and functional can help.

Our Journey

At Daption, we are not fashion designers, nor do we intend to be. Our goal is not to create original fashion, but rather to create great adaptive clothing that enables people with Alzheimer’s and dementia to live with dignity. To make that happen, we look for clothing designs that are popular with well-dressed women and then adapt them to meet the needs of those who need help getting dressed and those caring for them.

We began by looking at some key items in a typical woman’s wardrobe and examining their functionality. We also talked extensively with professional caregivers to find out works for them and what doesn’t. After many rounds of sample creation, we finalized our prototypes and handed them over to a partner memory care facility, where they were put to the test. We wanted to ensure that the clothes looked and felt good, met their daily needs, and could withstand the industrial cleaning required in care facilities. With their experience and feedback, we were able to tweak our clothes until we achieved our goal. The Daption collection you see today is the result of this extensive process.

We are constantly searching for ways to provide more stylish, adaptive clothes. If you have ideas for functional improvements, or a design you’d like to see made in an adaptive way, we'd love to hear about it. Email your thoughts to stefan@daption.com.