About Adaptive Fashion

There's adaptive clothing, designed for people for who have difficulty dressing. And then there's fashionable clothing, designed to allow people to look and feel their best. At Daption, our focus is on making adaptive fashion, specifically high-quality, stylish clothing for women with Alzheimer’s or dementia. To achieve this, we design clothes that are both fashionable and comfortable, with adaptive features that make the dressing process easier for loved ones and those caring for them. The result is clothing that helps these women live with dignity and grace.

Adaptive Tops

At Daption, our tops are designed so they can be put on without having to go over the head. In most cases, we’ve incorporated a set of snaps on the back so they slide on over the arms, wrap around and attach at the back. This makes them easy to put on, but intentionally challenging to remove without assistance. Many of our tops also feature false fronts with faux buttons to add style without hassle.


Adaptive Pants


We have two pant designs – a more conventional buttoned back with flap and a more innovative top-side zip version without a flap (to be added soon). Both can be worn with pads, as they have ample space in the back and offer easy access when the pads need changing. Large rubberized and leather zipper handles make it easy to put the pants on and remove them, but the zippers are slightly hidden to make it more challenging to remove accidentally.


Adaptive Skirts

Daption skirts are designed for easy dressing while helping to prevent "inappropriate dressing" moments. Using a top-zip design, our skirt also offers easy access when using the toilet and changing pads. In addition, we’ve incorporated calf straps with soft velcro on the inside of the skirt, which make it difficult to raise the skirt above the lower leg. 


Adaptive Dresses

Daption has two different adaptive dress designs. The first is a simple snap-back dress, made for the easiest dressing. It simply wraps around the wearer and fastens in the back. This style is perfect for those who are less mobile and may spend significant time in a chair or bed.

The second design (coming soon) is an innovative combination of our adaptive skirts and tops. It is easy to put on, like a skirt, with arms that slide on like an adaptive top and fasten in the back. They allow for easy pad changing and discourage untimely undressing.